Support of a customer’s applications, especially when it comes to ERP platforms that are particularly all-encompassing like SAP with its Hana implementation, routinely require product and consulting services organizations like Elligens to provide strong project management and application and even custom software design, testing, and implementation capabilities.

To that end, and given the critical need in this area, Elligens has developed and offers a deep-and-broad-featured rapid application development framework, its  Rapid Development Framework.

This parameter driven application development framework provides rapid and risk-free software development is needed in order to implement

  1. software applications programming and development
  2. 3rd party applications and system extensions
  3. API-based and other system couplings and integration
  4. real time operational modalities
  5. real time operational modalities
  6. extended feature-function system expansion of both third-party and customer-grown business applications.