About Us

Elligens is an advanced business applications consulting and software development and implementation services company with special focus in ERP and operational business applications.

Our particular focus and expertise extends to the use of AI, ML, and other advanced technologies and tools in connection with ERP and line-of-business operational data for the purpose of developing descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis and action recommendations.

Our mission and our vision is to empower the development of the Intelligent Enterprise. And to aid those visionary technology companies and enterprise customers who also embrace that goal.

Our roots and affiliation with the building and ownership of advanced software platform companies make us proudly different than the typical ERP implementation, consulting services, or AI company for a number of reasons:

  • we have a greater appreciation and understanding of the underlying software structure of ERP applications and of how customers and consultants may best optimize their use and power.
  • we have knowledge and ability to understand, anticipate, and prepare and advise customers and their business workflows and plans in view of powerful new technologies about to impact business
  • we have deep understanding of how to introduce and how to get customer adoption of advanced and powerful new technologies, such as AI, ML, and blockchain, into customer processes, workflows, and business applications

In addition, our consulting staff and services, can provide technology implementations both on-site at customer premises and offsite at our various locations and support centers

Meet Our Team

Andreas Typaldos

Andreas Typaldos

Executive Chairman, Founder

40+ Years of IT, Software & Business Services Consulting Experience

James Largotta

James Largotta

CEO, Founder

30+ Years of IT & Consulting Experience With Strong Focus On ERP

Christoph Schmolmueller

Christoph Schmolmueller

CTO, Founder

20+ Years of IT Infrastructure & Software Development Experience

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