We are not just technology consulting professionals, with a billing-hours orientation.

Our business and attitude are informed by a more basic point of view, which is related to the principal owners and executives of our company.

Our principals & executives have a deep business and technology background and have experience of how to invest their own time and capital to build businesses, and grow them with confidence, but within the bounds of safety. In turn, that has given them.

A unique understanding and appreciation of the value of systems and technology and of the proper way to use them.

As a result, they have inculcated into very DNA  of Elligens those same values and goals: how the effective use of technology and of value-add consulting services can deliver long-term sustainable customer satisfaction and competitive business advantage throughout the lifetime of the systems.

At the same time, “long-term” cannot exist without a proven track record of integrity, transparency, consistency, and the ability to set clear expectations and to deliver on them.

Furthermore, the range of our activities and of our goal commitments indicates the need and ability for having and sustaining a strong vision.

Such a vision is in fact enunciated in our very name: “elligens” sounds like “intelligence” but through its spelling with an “e” also implies the use of big-data driven intelligence for enterprise adaptation and change, and for fast and effective action through intelligent and safe use of tools like AI, ML, and BI.

In that sense, our vision and mission also connects with a more fundamental approach being undertaken by visionary companies like SAP and others who are promoting the very concept of the whole enterprise itself becoming intelligent — or as we would say elligens-enabled.